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Veteran tutor, Lynn Guyton brings her experience and expertise to Learning Linkz, a full-service tutoring company that empowers students (Pre-K - College) with the academic knowledge, organizational skills and self-confidence needed to achieve success. Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting only the best to join our team. We complete projects efficiently and on schedule, and go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients.




We initially chose our Tutor based only on the fact that her availability matched our schedule.....and Savana Wehunt has been a perfect fit. She helped our daughter with specific and targeted SSAT strategies, as well as with general math skills. She met our daughter exactly where she was and helped further her skillset as related to the SSAT for middle schoolers.

Laura, SSAT Parent

Over the last three years, Alexis has helped with Test prep, interview skills, honors algebra, honors geometry, and honors physics. She is not only brilliant, but she takes the time to connect and to personally get to know each one of her students.  As I am sure with the rest of her families, Alexis has become a part of our support team.  We are grateful to Learning Linkz for taking great care of our daughter and for providing us with such a wonderful experience.  We look forward to many more successful years ahead!

Dominique, Parent of a 9th Grade Westminster Student

Lynn Guyton is amazing! I have been hearing for years how wonderfully helpful she is in working with students of all ages particularly in math.  Now we know first hand. Lynn worked with our daughter preparing her for the SSAT and watched her score improve with each test – the more she worked with Lynn, the higher her score rose. But even more valuable than the score is the confidence she gained from her time with Lynn. She looked forward to her sessions with Lynn and always left the sessions invigorated and encouraged.  Thank you, Lynn Guyton!

Elizabeth, SSAT Parent

  We worked with Learning Linkz initially to prepare for the SSAT. I can tell you Learning Linkz worked wonders on my daughters math skills and confidence. We tutored from August to February for the SSAT. My daughters initial SSAT score was in the 20th percentile and on her last test she scored in the 80th percentile and we had a 100% acceptance rate to all of the schools we applied to. We worked with Savana Rithmire and Lynn Guyton. I will say what really meant the most to me was the relationship that my daughter has with the tutors. The night before the acceptances are released I received a text message from Lynn and she told me that she and her family just prayed for us and everything would work out. I know we would not have received this kind of love and care somewhere else. I’m eternally thankful for Learning Linkz and all that we’ve been able to accomplish with their help and guidance.

Michelle, Parent of a 6th Grade Pace Student

We just want to let you know that Fabio was a wonderful tutor. Within two sessions Connor was understanding AP Calculus and testing at 100%. He got his grade up a B and will be attending Notre Dame this coming fall. He appreciated Fabio’s patience and his style of teaching.

Donna, Parent of a Westminster Student


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