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The SAT is Going Digital!

ALL PSAT’s will begin being administered digitally in the fall of 2023, and all SAT’s will begin being administered digitally in the Spring of 2024.

What does that mean for you? Here is a quick summary of the upcoming changes:

Adaptive: Adaptive tests tailor test questions as the test progresses - more efficiently measuring the same skills measured on the paper test. Students will no longer use scantrons, and test results will be available in just a few days.

Shorter: At just around two hours as opposed to three, the digital SAT will allow students more time per question. Reading passages are also shorter in length.

Calculator: An on-screen graphing calculator will be available for use on ALL math sections.

This is exciting news!

Keep LLT in mind when it comes time for you to prep for this new SAT! We will see you in just a few years!

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